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Have you been dreaming of smoother, more pleasing contours to your face and neck? Are you wishing you looked as good as you feel, and perhaps appear younger than you are?

sculptFacelift surgery is an elective procedure used to tighten facial and neck skin and to reconstruct the muscular layers of the face and neck. There are many types of facelifts. After the mini-facelift procedure, patients return to work and exercise regimens quickly. More major facelift procedures require more lengthy recovery periods. Philadelphia plastic surgery patients may chose the procedure which best reflects their needs and lifestyles. Dr. Mirabile will be happy to make recommendations about which procedure might be best for each person based on their anatomy and expectations.

Cosmetic Facial Surgery is Good for Those Who:

  • Are physically healthy and free from any life-threatening illness or disease
  • Don’t smoke
  • Have realistic expectations and motivations for surgery
  • Have loose or sagging facial and neck skin.

The Procedure: During the facelift procedure, Dr. Mirabile removes excess skin, tightens or imbricates underlying facial or muscular tissue, and then re-drapes the skin on the face and neck. An incision is made in front of the ear, continuing up into the hairline and curving around the bottom of the ear, to the hairline on the back of the neck. The operation is usually performed under general anesthesia. Facelift surgery reduces the appearance of wrinkles of the face, and decreases loose skin folds in the neck, cheeks and jawline. The effects of a mini-facelift usually last about five years. A facelift is an out-patient procedure that takes several hours. The recovery time for a face lift varies between individuals. Stitches are removed after one week, and most of the bruising resolves at that time. Some patients experience numbness in the face which disappears after a few months.

The mini facelift primarily treats the mid-face, jawline and neck. It does not involve the upper face, forehead or eye area. It is intended for people who are in their thirties through sixties and experiencing signs of aging. It focuses on specific areas, where the full facelift targets the entire face. A mini facelift is an outpatient procedure that takes approximately sixty to one hundred and twenty minutes to complete. Patients must wear a bandage for forty-eight hours and keep their head elevated for seven days. The sutures are usually removed after one week, and patients can return to work about seven days after surgery.

Individuals undergoing a facelift should not take aspirin or blood thinners for three weeks before surgery. They must also stop smoking three weeks before the date of the surgery.

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Dr. Robert J. Mirabile is an experienced facial plastic surgeon, performing facelift, eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty in Philadelphia. His reputation attracts patients from throughout Montgomery County, Bucks County, Chester County and Delaware County, PA. If you are unhappy with signs of aging on the face, learn more about your treatment options by contacting Best Impression Cosmetic Surgery at 610-272-8821.

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