sculptRadiesse is a relatively new injectable product that is unique for its long-lasting effect and its ability to be molded.

The unique composition of Radiesse provides immediate visual improvement common with other fillers, along with the benefit of long-lasting results. This is because Radiesse is made of very tiny, smooth calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres. The microspheres (particles) form a scaffold through which your bodys own collagen grows, and this produces the desired long-term effect. These unique advantages make Radiesse the ideal choice for facial shaping and contouring. Since Radiesse doesn’t elicit a chronic inflammatory or immune response it does not require allergy testing.

Radiesse can be injected into facial folds/lines, depressed scars or other areas of cosmetic correction. Its longevity is 10-18 months depending on the area treated and the metabolism of the person being treated.

Though this product is FDA approved for soft tissue augmentation and for maxillofacial reconstruction, it is not yet approved for aesthetic indications. Use of the product is considered “off-label”. Long-term studies are currently ongoing, and FDA approved is expected. The product has been extensively studied and deemed safe for facial contouring in Europe.

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